Pancuran Pitu Baturaden

Baturaden is a natural attraction at Banyumas, Central Java on the north of Purwokerto. It is about 20 km from Purwokerto that may take 15 minutes. 2 kilometers from baturaden there is a hot spring waterfall called Pancuran Pitu. Pancuran means douche or small waterfall, while pitu means seven.

This tourism destination is on the slope of Mount Slamet. For people from the tropical country, its temperature is cold enough, about 18° Celsius – 25° Celsius. Going there on the rainy season is a bad decision, the best is on the dry season so that we can explore the jungle or climb Mount Slamet.

Baturaden curug pitu waterfall indonesia

Photo Credit: Deka

The entry ticket is IDR7,500 for domestic visitor and IDR15,000 for the foreign visitors. Here, tourist may enjoy the hot spring water, Sarabadak Cave, Mountain View and enjoy the fresh air.
Indonesia Tourism at sarabadak cave Baturaden

Photo Credit: Deka

Since the water is sulphuric, many people use it to cure skin problems. The people usually take a bath at the waterfall or just immersing their feet in the pool. The yellow color is caused by the sulfur that remains on the stone. The water’s temperature is about 60° Celcius, hot but its really fun to immerse our feet. It seems that the water relax the nerves. When we are tired, we can pay a massager to massage our body for about IDR15,000.

tourism indonesia, curug pitu baturaden

Photo Credit: Deka


There are many hotels at Baturaden from the lowest price to the higher. When I was there, I booked Madurodam Hotel. The price is starting from IDR150.000 per night, it vary depends on the room. Small but clean, good food and I can sleep well.

tourism indonesia, curug pitu baturaden

Photo Credit: Deka

To get there

It is very easy to get to Pancuran Pitu. A tourist can take a bus or a train to Purwokerto. From Purwokerto find bus to Baturaden for about IDR10,000.

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  1. Eddith says:

    waw, what an unique place, by the way, it’s really nice information.

  2. Jenn says:

    Wow…you took all these pictures? Great shots!

  3. deka says:

    Yes I did. It’s a very lovely place, Jenn.

  4. Astro Hotel says:

    this is a nice place to visited so don’t hesitate, there are many awesome place at Banyumas that must be visited by domestic or foreign visitors

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