Bantimurung Butterfly Park, Maros

Bantimurung Maros, South Sulawesi IndonesiaBantimurung photo by pelangiq

Bantimurung National Park, Maros, South Sulawesi, became one of the most popular touristm place in Indonesia, for both local, national and foreign tourists.

The National Park is a natural park that people of South Sulawesi proud of. Its location which is in the valley with a steep limestone hill and tropical vegetation create good environment to enjoy. Not surprisingly, this area also became a limestone mining area as a cement raw material. Unfortunately, this kind of activity, if continued would be very damaging the nature and the tourism itself.

Bantimurung Nature Park is also famous for its waterfalls, caves, and the butterfly. Some unique species found only in Sulawesi, which is Troides helena Linne, Troides hypolitus Cramer, Troides haliphron Boisduval, Papilo adamantius, and Cethosia myrana.

In 1856-1857 Alfred Russel Wallace spent most of his life here to examine different types of butterflies. Wallace said Bantimurung is ‘The Kingdom of Butterfly’ (the kingdom of butterflies).

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